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Constuction Plans
Preconstruction Planning

Before any custom home renovation or new house construction begins, a set of plans is required to roadmap the process. This is where all the decisions are made prior to the actual project. If you choose to work with us, we guarantee that we will take all the time necessary to consult with the homeowner and assigned architect in order to use our expertise to assure that the job is done right and to the particular preference of the client.

Construction Meeting

When building or renovating a home, unfortunately, mistakes happen. Nonetheless, most of the costly mistakes that commonly occur when building your dream house can be easily avoided by the careful calculation done during the "pre-con" meetings. Our utmost priority is to provide a detailed budget so that you understand the costs associated with the project, and to avoid any unexpected and unnecessary expenses!

House Painting
It's Not All 

We offer a wide range of services to our business clients and, with our expertise, you can rest assured that you came to the right place. No renovation is too large or too small, and we excel in any custom design jobs you can provide us. It is our company’s guarantee that we work only with the best tradespeople and we pride ourselves on the verifiable quality of our work. Trusting us as your consultants is only the first step in making your “dream home” a real home!



       With over ten years of work experience, the company’s founder, Tiago Gouvea, is a self-made entrepreneur that runs a family-oriented, Massachusetts-based business with one goal in mind: the utter satisfaction of the client. You might be wondering what differs us from any other construction company, and all we can offer you is our word that Construction Done Now works day and night to achieve the dream-to-reality effect with any and all people who choose to work us. Taking a unique approach from most corporate construction companies, CDN strives to build a trusting relationship with the homeowner and offers the opportunity for him/her to follow the construction of their dream every step of the way.

Through “pre-con” meetings, accessible budgets and professional advice, those who decide to work with us can expect the friendly, reliable service from the days when all that was needed to make a deal was a smile and a firm handshake. The approachability of our associates proves just that! Specializing in residential single and multi-family homes, we can take on any renovations, additions and new construction projects including, but not limited to, the items listed below.

Individual Trades

- Rough Carpentry - Finish Carpentry

- Roofing - Siding - Tiling

- Flooring - Painting

- Electrical - Plumbing

- Masonry ​

All in all, the purpose and goal of our company is to keep the job on a budget and to deliver exceptional workmanship in a timely manner. Above all, we value honesty, and that means our customers can delight in knowing what to expect financially while resting assured that they can move forward with other important things in life while we take care of the hard stuff. If you aren’t convinced, give us a call!






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Sub-contractors Welcome

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